Pipe extrusion tooling since 1991

G&G Extrusionstechnik GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1991 by Mr. Graf 1991 in Schwerin, Germany, a city and area with deep roots in the plastics technology industry. With years of experience in the development and manufacture of common extrusion pipe, mono, multiple layer and co-extrusion tooling dies, Mr. Graf set the goal for the company to provide the industry with advanced tooling dies for PO, PVC, PP and similar materials. Using their own inhouse precision tooling machinery and development technology.

The first production of PVC, PP pipe tooling dies and PVC vacuum calibration nozzles were introduced in 1992. In the following years more products were introduced to fulfill the industry demands for many different applications.

G&G Core competence in Extrusion

  • Pipe extrusion tooling dies
  • Calibration sets
  • Calibration inserts
  • Antechambers
  • Vacuum tanks


G&G stands for the development, continuous advancement, service and sales for all common pipe extrusion tooling dies up to 800 mm diameter.

As specialists in the industry we provide custom tailored, innovative solutions to meet customer specific applications by working closely with professional institutes, universities and raw material manufacturers.

G&G is able to continually improve its quality for its customers. Customer requirements are analyzed and implemented by our highly motivated and professional experienced team. All of our products guarantee quality at the highest level, high productivity, efficiency and meet the EU’s CE standard requirements.