Extrusion tools &
since 1991

For over 20 years G & G Extrusionstechnik GmbH & Co. KG have been the pioneers in extrusion pipe technology. German engineering, design, development and manufacturing.

Tooling dies from G & G are being used in extrusion lines world wide from well-known manufacturers.

We produce for you

  • Extrusion tools Bild

    Extrusion tools

    Designed for PE / PP using the spiral mandrel distributor system. Designed for PVC using the mandrel system. Designed for steel or plastic pipes using the heathing / jacketing system.

  • Calibration inserts Bild

    Calibration inserts

    Vacuum calibration sleeves for HDPE pipes between Ø 800 – 2000 mm, vacuum calibration sleeves for PE / PVC pipes up to Ø 800 mm, custom made, adjustable calibration sleeves for PP-R.

  • Calibration insert discs Bild

    Calibration insert discs

    Special designs are available for all common plastic pipes including PE, PB, PVC, PP-R etc. Including special builds using the G&G plexiglas pre-vacuum chamber or twin vacuum tanks are also available.

  • Antechambers Bild


    Plexiglas pre-vacuum chambers for calibration inserts suitable for all common vacuum tanks, optimal with G&G calibration inserts. Complete pre-cooling / pre-vacuum tanks for PB are also available.